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At the southernmost point of the habitable part of Croatia, on the island of Mljet, there is the sand beach named Saplunara. Mala Saplunara (Small Saplunara) and the sandy beach Blaca are only a few hundred meters away from this beach.

Because of its nickname, the "green island" of Mljet offers many activities that you can engage in during your vacation along the beautiful Adriatic coast. Mljet National Park and the beautiful sandy beaches give you the opportunity for unique and unforgettable experience.

The island of Mljet is the most rural of all islands in Croatia, and you can expect similar background when it comes to the beaches on this island. The southern part of the coast is lined with many beautiful sandy beaches, where you can rent canoes for sailing and bicycles to explore the surroundings and exercise.

Island of Mljet is nestled in the centre of Europe in a country Croatia  uniquely warm due to its mediterranean climate, which makes it perfect for recreation and leisure. Croatia, a pioneer in nature-themed resorts, is renowned for its scenic coasts and beautiful beaches. Tourists from all over the world marvel at how breathtaking the islands are in this part of Europe, that every time they take a tour of the continent they make it a point to visit the Adriatic coast Croatia to have a fantastic time. One of the most popular islands that they boast is Mljet island and its National Park.

Il Parco Nazionale di Mljet è uno dei luoghi della Croazia da non perdere, perché vedrete uno dei più rari fenomeni naturali – tra le altre attrazioni naturali e culturali, i due laghi salati. Mljet è stato dichiarato parco nazionale nel 1960 e rappresenta il primo tentativo istituzionalizzato di proteggere un originale ecosistema nell'Adriatico.