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Babine Kuće - Mljet island, Croatia

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A Paradise for Tourist

babinekucemalaBabine Kuće is a small village located along the coast of the Great Lakes on and one of the budding settlements on the western side of the Mljet Island. The local inhabitants mostly engage in fishing and boat industry. Tourism is also fast becoming a profitable economic activity, with its rich fishing ground coupled with sandy and pebbled beaches. Tourists also get to enjoy the luxury of staying in one of the apartments in Babine Kuće, Mljet.

The apartments in Babine Kuće Mljet are modern accommodation units with complete facilities: air-conditioned bedrooms, state of the art kitchen, terraces and balconies, safe parking lot and pets welcomed. This is really a dream vacation house where you can relax after a fun-filled day of various activities.



Strolling around the island, fishing, swimming, beach excursions and picnics are some daytime activities that tourists can enjoy. You can throw a barbecue party on the sandy beach and enjoy the moment with your friends.
After all the joys and excitement of the aquatic and land activities, the time for a restful night’s sleep arrives and you will experience the comfort of living in style while in a remote island if staying in the apartments in Babine Kuće on Island of Mljet.


Map of Babine Kuće on Island Mljet