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Prožurska Luka - Mljet island, Croatia

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A Dream Vacation Destination

prozurskalukamalaProžurska Luka is a fishing village located on the North side of the island of Mljet. It has a total population of less than fifty permanent residents. The main economic activities of the village are fishing and tourism. The proximity of the place to the Mljet Channel made fishing their primary economic activity. Tourism has also been given a boost because of the sandy beach that invites you in for a dip and other water activities. Another attraction are the apartments in Požurska Luka, Mljet, which offers first class living amenities and modern day accommodations.

Apartments in Požurska Luka on Mljet offers modern facilities like spacious air-conditioned rooms with comfortable beds and a bath tub for luxurious long baths. Most of them have a terrace and a balcony for a view of the beachfront site which is right at your doorstep. The kitchens are fully equipped with all the appliances, such as microwave, refrigerator and coffeemaker to perk up your stay. Staying in one of the apartments in Požurska Luka, Mljet will make you fill like a royalty on vacation.



Daytime activities you can enjoy in are swimming, kayaking, fishing and canoeing, strolling around the island and enjoying the lush vegetation, barbecue picnic at the beach. This is such a wonderful place where you will spend a dream vacation. At the end of the day, the sounds of the crashing waves will send you to sleep in your comfortable bed in one of the apartments in Požurska Luka on Mljet island.


Map of Prožurska Luka, Island Mljet