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Ropa - Mljet island, Croatia

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A Visit to Paradise

ropamalaRopa is a small village on the Island of Mljet, boasting with a rich fishing bay, a campsite, lush greenery and sandy beaches. Tourism is becoming a booming economic industry in the area given the great influx of tourists every year. The beauty and solitude as well as the tranquility of the place, offer peace of mind and serenity to visitors.

Where to stay?

For the outdoor type of person, we can recommend campsites but for those who still wish to enjoy all the perks of living in an urban area, we can recommend the apartments in Ropa, Mljet. The apartments Ropa, Mljet are modern accommodations including cozy bedrooms, spacious lounge areas and fully equipped kitchens. A well secured parking area is also available. Each accommodation unit features a terrace and a balcony where you can enjoy the panoramic sight of the beach and the lush greenery of the area.



Activities are not only limited to swimming, there is also sailing, kayaking, canoeing, surfing, diving and boating. All these activities will surely keep you occupied for the day. It’s the time to book your perfect apartment in Ropa, Mljet.
At night, when you tuck in for the day, the crashing of the waves will send you quickly to sleep and the chirping of the birds will wake you up in the morning. You can experience all of this and much more while staying in one of the apartments in Ropa on the Island of Mljet.


Map of Ropa, Island Mljet