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The rules and terms of using, and the acceptable ways of behavior of the Internet pages user are there to protect the user of services, the tourist agency "Recreativa" and the rest of the Internet users, from irresponsible, disturbing, distracting, and in worst cases illegal activities. By following the terms of using, You will ensure, both Yourself and other users, a more pleasant and productive using of the "Recreativa" services.
Using these web pages, or any other service from the "Recreativa" offering, You accept hereunder-specified rules and terms of use. Therefore, we ask of You to be sure to read and respect the terms of use, because if not doing so, You will bear the consequences given by the law, i.e. this contract. In case You do not agree with the rules and terms of using these pages, we advise You not to use them.


The contents and the services on the Internet pages are at disposal to users, visitors and business partners, according to the terms defined by this contract. The contents and the services on these pages are primarily designed for everyone interested in the possibilities and the development of the Croatian tourism.
The materials published on Internet pages have a commercial and informational character, and the users can be using them solely for a personal cause. The purpose of the Internet pages is to provide quality information, for the interested users, about the tourist offering of the Croatian Adriatic. With an enormous number of information, topic groupings and possibilities of internal search, we want to ensure a complete availability to different information, which will have the crucial influence for the user during the selection of location, the accommodation and the way in he will spend his vacation.

We give special attention to the high quality presentation of the private accommodation capacity. Numerous detailed information and photographs related to the object, the interior of each accommodation unit inside the object, a terrace, balcony, view from the object, garden plot and yard, parking space, nearest beaches, and the most beautiful beaches in the place itself, and the Riviera of the place where the object is situated and an enclosed 3D review of each accommodation unit, give a realistic insight to the accommodation capacities that want to be reserved, and are, as such, the best guarantee to setting-down unpleasant surprises at arrival.


Recreativa is obligated to take all reasonable measures in indisputable submitting of the accurate and quality information. But this way, we are introducing the user to the fact that mistakes, faults and delays in upgrading the information, and typographic faults, can appear apart from the responsibility of "Recreativa".
Considering the fact that all the information, data and photographs, related to the private accommodation, are gathered by the Recreativa personnel, the responsibility for mistakes, faults and delays in upgrading that part of the web, undertakes Recreativa, according to the common terms of submitting services of accommodation in private capacities of physical persons.


This web site is dedicated exclusively for Your personal and unprofitable use. There is no changing, multiplying, distributing, direct transferring, displaying, introducing, reproducing, publishing, authorizing, creating copies, selling information, software, products or services, in the ownership of this web site.


Tourist agency "Recreativa" is an exclusive owner of the general and executable project, and all the software applications at pages are in possession of the Recreativa and its' partners. The author of all the information at the portal is Recreativa, in collaboration with its' partners. The contents that are not in possession of Recreativa will be pointed out and marked separately. If You notice any kind of copyright violation, we kindly ask of You to inform us about it on the e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , so that they could be withdrawn from our pages, in case we wouldn't come up with a different agreement with the author or the owner.

All photographs, especially the ones that have the trademark, are the exclusive ownership of Recreativa. The copyright to all the materials that are on the Internet pages, belong to Recreativa. The user and the visitor of  cannot copy or use the information for profitable purposes without the knowledge and written license of Recreativa. All rights are reserved. The permission is given to the subjects of the media and other tourist agency-partners, to use the mentioned material solely for advertising, informational and office purposes of publishing in the newspaper, magazines and electronic media, and the Internet pages of our agency-partners, according to the agreement achieved with Recreativa. A different kind of use of the material from the Internet pages is not allowed. By using the material from the Internet pages, media users and tourist-agency partners are obligated to totally conform hereby-established limitations, terms and requests, if it hasn't been established differently, by a special contract.


Your privacy and communication with „Recreativa“ has a complete protection in a way that we ask for Your personal data only in case You show interest in the payment of advance, i.e. with the final confirmation of reservation, so that we could register the done payment of the wanted accommodation on Your name, and send You all the necessary material to Your home address. All of Your personal data will only be given to the submitter of services at the accommodation unit that You've reserved through our system.
We want to inform You this way that Your data will be used in order to occasionally inform You of all the relevant changes happening on the In case you do not want to receive any information about changes, favors and special offerings on the, we would like You to inform us about it.


Due to the safety of data on the Internet pages, we made sure that the computer system is using the programs that keep track of visits to the web and recognizes the unauthorized attempts of shipping or changing the data, as those that could cause damage in some other way. Unauthorized attempts of shipping or changing the data are strictly forbidden at this location, and lawful, or by these terms specified sanctions, will be applied to the offenders.
„Recreativa“ does not guarantee the safety and privacy of the messages sent by electronic mail, because of the insecurity of the media itself.


Using this web-site You undertake not to use the data and information, and especially the photographs, as well as any other material in the possession of Recreativa or its partners, for legally forbidden or by these terms unlicensed actions or causes.


These Internet pages also carry the links to the Internet pages that are under surveillance of other physical or legitimate persons. Those links are available only as a recommendation, i.e. a potential source of additional and more extensive information. Since does not have any influence to their editing policy, it is, with this contract, free of all responsibility for their contents and the veracity and accuracy of the information that are there.

10. CHANGING THE TERMS OF USE holds the right to change the terms of use at any moment and without previous notice. Changes take effect in the moment of denunciation. Visitors are obligated to notice those changes and adapt to them timely.
This contract is being applied until one of the contract parties breaks it. You can break this contract at any time in a way to stop using this Internet page and to destroy all the material You downloaded from it, printed or saved in any other way.


The user is agreeable that this contract can be transferred onto another person.


Croatian law is competent in interpretation and application of law matters related to the terms of use of the materials published on the web pages of the, and the court in Split is strictly authorized for all the demands and conflicts ensued while using certain material.