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Okuklje - Mljet island, Croatia

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A Wonderful Tourist Destination

okukljemaloOkuklje is a frequent boater destination in Croatia. It is one of the most protected areas in the locality. It is a village in the eastern part of the northern coast of Mljet Island with a population of less than fifty. The island coast is covered with lush vegetation. It can be reached by a bus or a taxi ride.

This tourist destination is aso location of apartments in Okuklje Mljet offering first class accommodations for tourists on vacation. The facilities also extend to your pets which are allowed to live with you. They have complete and modern facilities in every apartment units and you won’t be missing the comforts of city life while enjoying your trip to nature.
Apartments in Okuklje on Mljet also has spacious rooms that will provide you with ample movement inside the house. There is a terrace where you can enjoy the scenic view of the beach while enjoying the privacy of your temporary abode.




Staying in the apartments in Okuklje on Mljet is such a perfect end for a day out in the fishing ground, swimming in the pristine blue sea, or simply having an excursion or barbecue party in the beach. This is such a good idea for a really grand vacation after a year of hard work.


Map of Okuklje, Island Mljet