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Saplunara - Mljet Island, Croatia

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An Island Jewel

saplunaramalaaSaplunara on Mljet Island is an isolated and well protected area offering soothing and relaxing vacation. Saplunara originated from the Latin word “sabalum” which means sand. The place really boasts by sandy beaches and a wide sandy habitat housing a variety of plants. There are also apartments available in Saplunara on the Island of Mljet.

There is no ferry line to Saplunara, so visitors have to get a bus  or a taxi from the Sobra which is only 16km away. You can enjoy the panoramic view of the scenery along the way. This is a quiet place where you can experience serenity and peace while listening to the crashing of the sea waves and the chirping of the birds. The site is a real balm to a lost and wounded soul seeking solitude.
It also offers romance to couples and lovers who want to experience a different kind of date. There are apartments available in Saplunara, Mljet for accommodation to visiting tourists who want to enjoy of the perfect beauty and ambiance of the place.



The apartments Saplunara, Mljet all feature a fully equipped kitchen and accommodations including the convenience of modern appliances.
You can enjoy a beach excursion, barbecue, and even go fishing while staying in one of the apartments in Saplunara, Mljet. The most exciting part of the package, the main attraction of the place.


Map of Saplunara on Island Mljet