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Blaca - Mljet island, Croatia

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A Paradise on Earth

blacemalaBlaca is a fishing village on the Island of Mljet. It has lush vegetation and features a good coastal line offering sheltered harbor for boats. This fishing village is fast becoming a tourist destination for its seclusion and peaceful atmosphere. It also offers apartments in Blaca, Mljet which provides modern accommodation for people who want to stay on an island, at the same time wish to have all the modern facilities available.

The island offers various aquatic and outdoor activities, so you can take a stroll around the island on foot, do some kayaking, canoeing, sailing and surfing. There are also bicycles to rent. The blue sandy beach is really inviting for the young and old alike. At night, there are bars and entertainment events that will truly give you thrill and excitement. After a day’s activities, you can retire in the luxurious apartments in Blaca, Mljet.



Apartments in Blaca on island Mljet Mljet are well-equipped with modern appliances that will surely give you an easy life while staying on the island. They will truly make you feel that you are not actually away from home. At night, you can see the stars and the moon while relaxing on the terrace or balcony. This is a real vacation in paradise.


Map of Blaca, Island Mljet