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Beaches on Island of Mljet, Croatia

The island of Mljet is the most rural of all islands in Croatia, and you can expect similar background when it comes to the beaches on this island. The southern part of the coast is lined with many beautiful sandy beaches, where you can rent canoes for sailing and bicycles to explore the surroundings and exercise.

Saplunara Beach is a quiet coastal area which is right on the tip of the island of Mljet, southeast. Like many of the beaches in Croatia, it is situated in a bay about a mile long, and surrounded by a thick pine forest. Although often referred to as only one beach, Saplunara beach is really two sandy beaches together. In fact, the name comes from the Latin word Saplunara, which means "tiny sand". For those who know the area, the beaches are called the large and the small Saplunara. It is a beach where you usually do not see many people, and it is perfect for those looking to get away from the crowd and take a break instead. One of the curiosities that this sandy beach has is some plant species that exist nowhere else in Croatia. For this reason, it is considered a protected area. Camping or littering is strongly prohibited. There is a part that narrows and leads to a small settlement inhabited by a few dozen people. There aren’t any hotels or restaurants on this beach, but you can find some private accommodation in the area with its own premises for breakfast, lunch and dinner. These apartments can be found just 50 meters away from the beach. You can try typical Croatian food, particularly meat and barbecued fish. There is no direct ferry to Saplunara. You have to take a ferry to Sobra, and then from there take a bus or a taxi. Saplunara is about 15 kilometres away from Sobra.

Nearby Saplunara Beach, there is another sandy bay on the island of Mljet called Blaci. Pine trees are great for the shade in a hot summer day, while fine sand will relax you completely. If you like hidden and isolated places, this beach is the right choice for you. Beautiful bay Soline can be proud of Čižići Beach, which is half sandy and half rocky beach. This small place is rich with greenery that is connected with bright blue sea. An oasis of peace is what you will get if you choose this beach, along with a couple of restaurants and shops.  If you plan to visit Mljet National Park and its lakes, then you should stop off by Veliko jezero and its beach. Water is salt and great to freshen up, but you can also enjoy the untouched nature around the lakes. Cycling in the nature is also an option.