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National Park Mljet - one of eight Croatia's National Parks

Mljet National Park is one of the places in Croatia that cannot be missed, because you will see one of the rare natural phenomenons – the two saltwater lakes, among other natural and cultural attractions. Mljet was declared a national park in the 1960 and it represents the first institutionalized attempt to protect an original ecosystem in the Adriatic.


Looking for private accommodation on Island of Mljet, Croatia?



Due to its location in the Adriatic Sea, the island of Mljet was inhabited by the Illyrians, Greeks and Romans, who left the archaeological remains of great historical and cultural value, such as a Roman palace in Polače from 3rd century. The entire island is dotted by picturesque fishing villages and homes, in which you can find suitable rooms and apartments for a vacation in Mljet. The coastal area of the park is mainly characterized by steep cliffs with numerous crevices and caves, and the sea is crystal clear. Abundance of vegetation on the island explains why Mljet is also known as the green island.


Approximately 90% of the park is covered with forests of oak and pine tree, and many endemic plants live there, such as dusty-miller, Jupiter's beard and woody spurge. What make Mljet island so famous are two saltwater lakes - Great Lake and Small Lake, and the reason for salinity of water in the lakes is narrow passages connected with the sea. There is a small island of St. Mary in the southern part of the Great Lake, with the Benedictine monastery and church of the 12th century. The easiest way to get to the Mljet National Park is by ferry from Dubrovnik to Sobra, or by Nonan Ana catamaran that sails from Dubrovnik to Sobra and Polače in the summer. 


The journey takes about two and a half hours, and the catamaran will arrive in about an hour to Sobra, or about an hour and a half to Polače. Mljet is situated near Dubrovnik and belongs to the southern Dalmatian islandsMljet National Park covers the northwestern part of the island, or the villages Polače, Goveđari, Babine Kuće, Soline, Pristanište and Pomena. The park, which is open year round, can be accessed in Crna Klada, and you can see the beauty of nature on your own or with an experienced guide. In addition to visits to the beach, you can enjoy the trips that are suitable for all ages, bike riding, and even rent a rowboat.