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Croatia's Best: the Island of Mljet

Island of Mljet is nestled in the centre of Europe in a country Croatia  uniquely warm due to its mediterranean climate, which makes it perfect for recreation and leisure. Croatia, a pioneer in nature-themed resorts, is renowned for its scenic coasts and beautiful beaches. Tourists from all over the world marvel at how breathtaking the islands are in this part of Europe, that every time they take a tour of the continent they make it a point to visit the Adriatic coast Croatia to have a fantastic time. One of the most popular islands that they boast is Mljet island and its National Park.

What make it out of the ordinary are its two saltwater lakes called Veliko and Malo Jezero, and the fact that Mediterranean monks treat it as their home - they settled on the island of St. Mary in the middle of Mljet within a Benedictine monastery. It is very accessible to travellers since there are ferries daily going from Dubrovnik to Mljet. Described as the “most beautiful and most forested island in the Adriatic” by the Croatian National Tourist Board, its biodiversity may be appreciated by nature lovers with various flora and fauna abound the island, exceptional natural artwork which is not normally found on the usual coasts.


There are a lot of activities available for your holiday on the island of Mljet. Aside from lounging around the beach and swimming to your heart’s content, you can enjoy the sights as well, not only along the coastline but also of the beautiful fields. Take a drive and see National Geographic outside your window: an assortment of animals unbound freely interacting with each other. After a day tour, relax in your private apartment with a glass of wine and a book. If you’re in to quiet nights, you can opt to play online games on your iPad to try your luck and get a chance of winning real cash prizes, right there on your vacation. 


Other suggestions include physical activities such as cycling, playing golf, horseback riding, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, rafting, diving, sport fishing and mountaineering. This is the ideal tour package for you and your family, so the next time you’re going to Croatia on holidays, don’t forget to stop by Mljet and have the experience of a lifetime.